Why you Need to Customize your Resume

Unfortunately, many college graduates make the same critical mistake in their career search; they blast off as many resumes as they can to as many employers as they can find and hope that one of them hits a target. This might work in darts, but it is rarely successful when launching a search for your first job. The problem with this strategy when you are looking for a job is that one size really does not fit all.

What many job seekers fail to realize is the sheer number of resumes that are submitted for any single position. Employers and hiring managers are often inundated with piles of resumes and applications. Like everyone else, they also have other duties to which they must attend. This means that they spend as little time as possible going through those piles of resumes. As a result, if you want to stand out, you need to make sure that your resume stands out first. If you do not take the time to customize your resume to the particular job for which you are applying then you will usually find that you never hear anything at all about that job.

One of the reasons that many people take this approach is that they feel that basically any job will do after they have spent the last several years in college. The problem with this is that mangers are looking for someone who is really interested in the position, not just someone who is looking to take any job that comes their way. Put yourself in the manager’s shoes. Who would you rather hire? Someone who put the time and effort into writing a resume just to apply for that particular job or someone who is simply submitting the same resume they have also submitted for the last two dozen jobs for which they applied?

Keep in mind that it is really the details that are noticed in a resume. If you take the time to look at the job posting, you will see that there are plenty of clues regarding the skills, experience and educational background that the employer is seeking in the ideal candidate for the position. When you identify those characteristics and then highlight them on your resume, you will have a much better chance of standing out from the competition.

While customizing your resumes, and even your cover letters, will take more time than using the one size fits all approach, it is definitely worth it. Rather than having to send out tons of resumes during your career search, you will be able to immediately improve your chances of landing the right job far sooner than you might expect.