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The English Major and an Online College Search

There are some amazing opportunities for students interested in literature, the written word, and the literary arts to study in online classes and courses. In fact, a person performing an online college search will have the entire catalog of classes for most colleges and universities available to browse.

With so many wonderful opportunities it may be difficult to choose a single school to enroll in. There is a way around that in the online educational environment; it is called “credit banking”.

When a student of English, or any other field of interest or study for that matter, does their initial online college search it is a good idea to investigate those schools, colleges and universities that offer the credit banking service. What this means is that the student can be enrolled as a full time English major in that specific school, but take classes from any accredited college or university throughout the world.

Working with their guidance or student counselor an online college student will present their plan and all of the relevant information about the school for review. After getting approval they can enroll in their alternative class or school, enjoy a unique and rewarding learning experience and then transfer the credits from their work into the credit banking account at the college or university where they are enrolled.

For anyone interested in English, or literary arts, this is a fantastic benefit because it can mean the chance to enroll in a local or community college workshop, take a class from a college or university in Great Britain, and rely on alternative online courses and classes to meet graduation or degree requirements.

Imagine taking an advanced course in the works of Shakespeare at a state college, heading home and doing some work on children’s literature for an online course and submitting a written essay about American literature through a correspondence course, and earning all of the college credits for this widely varied work! This is the reason so many online students will seek out a credit banking arrangement when they do their initial online college search.

There are literally thousands of courses, classes and learning opportunities available to non-enrolled students at hundreds of college, universities and schools throughout the world. With a bit of creative thinking and effort an online college English or Literature major could easily enjoy such diversity and opportunity.

A thorough online college search will have to take into consideration various goals and needs of the student. It is a good idea to write down all of the “plus” and “minus” points about each school in question. A good choice for any student will be a school with flexibility, numerous options for course work, and a credit banking service that allows a student to truly explore the educational world through an online college experience.