The Student Body and the College Search

Should the student body of a college or university affect an individual’s choice in a college search? Most experts would say “absolutely”. This is because a large portion of the college experience is a social one, and a student body that matches the social needs and interests of a student will help them achieve stronger academic success.

If a student is very social, participates in numerous clubs, activities, sports or student organizations they will require a student body that has similar patterns of behavior and similar wishes. An academic career immersed in such interaction and activity will yield excellent social, educational and even some professional results. For example, a student who studies graphic design, works on a school paper, and belongs to a fraternity or sorority may have immediate access to “real world” professionals in the publishing, journalistic or artistic communities through their college affiliations and activities.

Also, if a student is from a diverse background, such as an urban education would provide, transitioning to a small, rural college may not be a good idea. They may find some social limitations, or even isolation that can do harm to their potential. This is the reason that a visit to each school that a student is considering is critical.

When a student visits a college or university they should be sure to interact with some current students, tour the dormitories and housing facilities, inquire about all of the current clubs, organizations and social groups, and walk independently from the “standard” tour to get a “feel” for the student body, campus and general atmosphere of the school.

Each student has a list of things they want to get out of their own academic experience, and realistically a large number of their goals will involve other students, or interaction with the student body. This is the primary reason for taking fellow students into consideration when performing a college search. As the main social focus for the entire academic career of the student, the student body will greatly affect each person’s success or happiness.

There are many state colleges and universities that offer majors and degrees to adults seeking to complete their college course work. These individuals should also consider the make up of the student body when doing a college search. Most of these students will also be involved in full time employment and will traditionally find themselves in evening or “twilight” classes that are filled with like-minded individuals.

This is an excellent and unique opportunity for social and professional interaction. This also serves as a good illustration for the impact of a well matched student body on the performance of a student. If a person in their mid-thirties was forced to attend classes with people in their early-twenties, they would not necessarily bond or interact with their classmates. This could present an unhappy scenario for the older student; leaving them feeling awkward or isolated. By attending classes with individuals in a similar lifestyle and environment the student is more likely to interact with their teacher and classmates and have a more successful experience.